American Music From It's Heart and Soul

The "HEAD HONCHOS BAND" brings to both the live music scene and recording experience, music based on intense body moving rhythms and emotionally charged guitar expressions.

Grounded on the foundations of American blues, rock, soul, and funk the "HEAD HONCHOS BAND" launches every tune with an irresistible invitaion to kick back, let go, and enthusiastically ENJOY!!!

Rocco Calipari's Detroit schooled vocals will leave no doubt of the unapologetic American identity we all experience. In an artistic celebration of our shared pride and joy. the "HEAD HONCHOS BAND" covers some of our most loved standards, while introducing to an appreciative audience roots inspired new songs

Do you want a good time? Are you looking for a great party? Do you enjoy the company of people who share your love of American music? If you said yes to any of these questions, you have to hear the "HEAD HONCHOS BAND"!

"Passionate, hard driving, high energy, sweat drenched and powerfully played music. Atomic energy Blues/Rock!!!!"           Tom Branson    Bluesrock.reviews

"Blues Alliance is a rockin' jam party!!!!"   Bmans Blues Report

"Like a blues street fight!"     John the Rock Doctor

"Dazzling instrumental chops, up tempo and energetic tunes."   Willie Witten   Blues Rock Review                                                                                           

"Play Loud!!!! The Head Honchos don't take any prisoners here...."   Norman Darwen   Blues in the South Magazine (UK)

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